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We specialize in the production of oats of differentiated quality. Our partners are concerned with delivering a standardized product, which is achieved by sharing knowledge in the quest to deliver a homogeneous product that assures customers that the sample sent (physically or digitally) is 100% equal to the product you will receive in your warehouse.

As an exported product we highlight
  • Forage oats in shell
  • Selected Oats
  • Stubby Oats
  • Semi-plated Oats

All of them have been exported for animal consumption, both for direct feeding as well as for the production of feed or processing into oats for human consumption, providing satisfactory industrial yields.

Forage wheat – triticale

Of own production, they have become an interesting energy and protein contribution which is widely used in the feeding of all categories of Bovine and ovine either in the form of balanced feed or directly.


Also of own production, it is used in the national market as a source of vegetable protein in search of replacing fishmeal, which is increasingly scarce.

As Triticale is an important protein source because the biological value of its protein is high given its amino acid profile.


As a way to satisfy the complete needs of, mainly, our external clients dedicated to the breeding of horses we have inserted in our commercial mix the flour, pellets and cubes of alfalfa; finding the best suppliers of these products in order to achieve a product of excellent quality.


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